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(no subject) [Nov. 10th, 2006|04:32 pm]
Drop Dead Magazine: issue 2 Feat. UK Decay!

Deathrock Punk Goth Psychobilly Wave

Drop Dead Magazine Issue 2 summer 2006

“A great new magazine to fill the void that New Grave left (and
then some). Deathrock, Goth, Psychobilly, Gothabilly and Post-Punk – you’ll find it all
in Drop Dead Magazine, which is put out by the same people who bring us
the phenomenal Drop Dead Festival.”

Issue 2 of Polina Y's visually stunning, USA based Drop Dead Magazine
is now available from vendors across North America. This edition contains a 6-page
feature on UK Decay, with Lakina coaxing out of Steve Spon some very
dark and colourful memories from the age of Decay!

Also featured are interviews with Andi Sex Gang (by Greg Fasolino), Lena
Lovich, SIIIII, Black Ice, Vox Ab Nihil, Deadbolt, Psychcharger,
and a look at the
Cemeteries of Prague.
The magazine also contains reviews of clubs, festivals, new and old school releases,
DIY, artwork and fashion, Music business help for artists and a lot more goodies!
This really is a ‘hardware’ magazine which reminds very much of the now defunct UK
‘Zig-Zag’ magazine. Full colour and gloss paper it is a lovingly crafted publication for
the ‘now’ generation, it even has a fascinating article about stencilling, dyeing;
customising ones clothes; “For the less you spend on clothes,
the more you’ll have for records and gigs”

Fantastic stuff, but for the UK public, I guess if you are after a copy you will have
to think, mail order or import it from the European distributor in Germany.

More details can be found on the magazine website

Drop Dead Magazine.com

or at their Myspace Site..

Drop Dead Magazine at Myspace


Edited Sat Nov 11, 2006
UK Decay Communities
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UK Decay Communities Guide -Quick Tour [Aug. 21st, 2006|01:05 am]
UK Decay Communities Guide -Quick Tour

Welcome to the Guide-quick tour of the UK Decay Communites website.

The Ultimate Resource for the Luton area, UK Decay and the family of bands
and tribes that seized the best moments of the early 80’s
Latest News and gossip

Jets / Tee Vees singles
Sun Aug 20, 2006.
I think the jets made one single , then they changed their name to the tee vees and did a couple more...
i've got a punk singles listing book from years ago and it also lists 2 more releases by the tee vees ;

angel eyes / sweetnighter (INK005 , 7" single)

fatman crossing / dr headlove ( tape , PINK25 , C10)

never seen either of these ; anyone got a copy or know if they exist?


The Stevie Band
Sun Aug 20, 2006.
Does anyone else remember 'The Stevie Band' the punk 'supergroup' that played at various UK Decay/Pneumania gigs in 1979?...

What we know about the Stevie Band or 'The Gang of Steve's'

The 'Stevie Band or 'The Gang of Steve's' as they were sometimes
known, originally comprised of 2 members each from UK Decay and
Pnuemania and yes they were all called Steve!
That was Steve Harle (UK Decay) on drums, Steve the Voice
(Pneumania) on Bass guitar, Steve Spon (at that time, Pnemania!)
on guitar and of course Steve 'Abbo' (UK Decay) on vocals and guitar.
There may have been other 'Steve's guesting from time to time but
the aforementioned core played a series of gigs in Luton around the
summer of 1979. Notably they played a couple of times at the 'King
Richard 3rd' on London rd and the 'Sugar Loaf' in New town as for the
town hall I can't remember but certainly probable!...


Arts Centre' :

Planning Application for demolishion!

Thursday July 06th 2006.

The final days of the buiding which housed the former '33 Arts
Centre' are upon us as an application has gone in this weeks Luton
News to demolish the premises!


Save the '33 Arts Centre building!


FURYO "Getting Blotto" 'Sounds' interview December 1984

Thu Aug 17, 2006.

From the UK 'music-rag' 'Sounds' December the
1st 1984 we bring you the FURYO "Getting Blotto" interview!

Makes for very interesting reading with the new line-up including
the new guitarist, Albie de Luca working on their second album.
Seems the theme for this interview titled "Getting Blotto" has
nothing to do with getting smashed!


8 more pics for the 'Faces Gallery'!

Sat Jul 08, 2006.

Posted in the Faces Gallery are 8 new classic pics sent in by
Caroline May. (formerly known as Caroline dill!) Above in this
moody photo are Caroline May and Tracy Garret (the Bleached Babes!)
This is a really stunning 'gothic' picture of the 2 'babes' from
the mid beds area taken around 1982/3.


Hertfordshire by Herbert Winckworth Tompkins

ed Aug 09, 2006.

Found on Project Gutenberg There are 18,000 free books in the
Project Gutenberg Online Book Catalog. Including "Hertfordshire,
by Herbert Winckworth Tompkins!" (What a fine name!) In the book
which can be downloaded here is an interesting perspective of
Hexton and Ravensburgh Castle!


New from the Bedford batch,,UK DK flyers-posters!

Sat Jun 03, 2006.

Not entirely sure of what publication this interview came out
but we think there is a high probability of it being the 'Zig
Zag' magazine, sometime late 1981 or 1982. If anyone knows please
illuminate us!


Stagestruck no 2 , Luton Fanzine IN Excelsis Interview

Mon Jul 17, 2006.

Greg Webster and 'TY' Vass's legendary Luton Fanzine issue no
2 can now be found in the gallery. This issue features an interview
with IN Excelsis, a review of 'John fox', 'The Blubells' and other
interesting Luton scene 'titbits' from 83 and it is finished in
style with a neat little cartoon by 'TY' about 'life in Luton'!



Wed May 24, 2006.



Marsh Farm festival

Wed May 31, 2006.

I happened to come accross the name Toad the Wet Sprocket the
other day and it reminded me of the Marsh House Music Festival....

The first festival that comes to mind featured the Jets and the
Nervous Surgeons. Both bands evolved into the Teevees and Click
Click, although I can not recall the details of the metamorphis.
Although my memory has faded I recall UK Decay and possibly Pneumania
appearing at later versions and possibly the Acme Attractions
and in true festival style at least one of these occassions was
just an almighty mud bath......

On the subject of the Marsh House Farm festival by coincidence
we have been sent a scan of a Luton news article relating to one
of those memorable events.


The 'Anti-Nirex Tape' ('Dumping it on Parliament')

UPDATED ! June 2nd 2006.

Recently it was brought to our notice that these MP3's were no
longer working. When we looked, they had in fact disapeared! So
we took the oppurtunity to update the compilation. Recently a
further version of the cassette had surfaced so we had a listen
and compiled the best versions for quallity from the original
'Bugsy' version along with the 'new' version.


Gallery News

Thu Jun 29, 2006.

From now on, all Gallery updates will be featured on this post
below. So this is one place you will be able to quickly check
for new images. Previously, depending on what image was updated
a post was made in a corrosponding topic, relevant to the image.
It was logical at first to do it this way, however now there are
now over 600 images in the Galleries and with the passing of time
coupled with the growing complexities of the sub Galleries, for
the aid of easier navigation, we shall now use this post to document
all updates!


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(no subject) [May. 19th, 2006|03:37 am]

MP3 Sugar.CON

Beware of MP3 Sugar.com!
You can download the UK Decay albums For Madmen Only
and Rising from the Dread.
Along with just about any artists product on this shady Russian website!
All single tracks are 10 US cents each (6pence UK) or you can purchase
any whole album for just 99 US cents (60pence UK).
Seems like a great deal


Although you will read on their website that everything is above board
and legal, this is definitely NOT THE CASE with UK Decay product!
Moreover, there may be many other artists in the same situation.
Think about it, $0.10. a track, $0.99 an album. That is simply too good
to be true, even if the artist, publisher and record label, were to get the
full 100 f the revenue generated. This is unlikely as there is no
contract, permission granted, or license.

The quality of the download of the UK Decay recordings
will almost certainly be a poorly 'cleaned up' vinyl affair.
It definitely will not touch the 'real thing' when it finally comes out.
At the end of the day.. THESE GUYS ARE DODGY!
Would you trust them with your credit card details?

Furthermore they offer a partnership program whereby they offer
other websites a deal to mirror the content of MP3 sugar sharing
the so called profits. Below are 3 such websites


Many more are set to join this bandwagon, giving not just artists an
even harder time but also the major legal download sites such as
I-Pod and MP3.com cause for concern.

Yes we have had Illegal downloading for years, this however is different,
these guys are pretending they are Legal and making a selfish profit out of their crime.


UK Decay Communities

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Field trip to the Gothic Nightmares at the Tate! [Mar. 7th, 2006|02:07 am]
Gothic Nightmares at the Tate!!

"Gothic Nightmares " explores the work of Henry Fuseli (1741–1825) and
William Blake (1757–1827) in the context of the Gothic – the taste for
fantastic and supernatural themes which dominated British culture from
around 1770 to 1830.

We embarked on a field trip to the
‘Gloomth’ of Tate Britain’s ‘Gothic
exhibition earlier in the week. A feast for the eyes for those
who are interested in the ‘Gothic and the Sublime’ art culture and history.
The exhibition runs until the 1st May 2006 and it will set you back about
£7.00 to gain entry.

After initial disappointment that the works of Hieronymus Bosch and the
later works of Jan Toorop would not be featured (The emphasis (brief) of
this exhibition is actually from a world perspective about a time in British
Art History covering the years 1770 to 1830. So you wont find these or
the likes of Edgar Allen Poe or H.P.Lovecraft etc).

We were rewarded however on entering the exhibition by the sight of
Henry Fuseli’s famous The Nightmare. The image has been repeatedly
used in such classics as Jame’s Whales Frankenstein, Ken Russell’s
Gothic, Nosferatu and Buffy the Vampire Slayer etc
And there it was, history on the wall in front of us, we stood transfixed
as we pondered Mr. Fusili’s nightmare.

Note the lady lying on the bed on the Franky ad!

The next few hours were spent wondering through multimillions worth
of ‘Gothic and Sublime’ artwork real-estate, absorbing as much detail as
possible. In a trance like state we went from room to room sometimes
almost gasping at the scale and sheer size of some of the exhibits such
as Fusili’s Titania and Bottom

William Blakes Death on a Pale Horse was also in attendance along with
scores of his other works, that guy had one hell of a warped imagination!

The artist James Gillray, whose satirical caricatures lampooned the
politics of the era caught my eye with an aura of unnerving familiarity
as we made our way to the ‘Phantasmagoria’ (a room with 3 walls and
projected images) that reminded me of the old ghost trains at the

All through the exhibitions there were references to classical literature
such as ‘The Book of Revelations’, Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Milton’s
Paradise Lost, Greek and Biblical mythology etc, it showed how these
great artist’s drew their warped inspirations for their artwork from
classical texts and myths.

It then goes on to highlight the inspiration that some of these great
artworks and artists had on contemporary to the time and later writers
and artists, such as Mary Shelley, Matthew ‘Monk’ Lewis, Angela Carter,
Patrick McGrath etc

Lacking was any reference to Gothic music (I guess I would say that
wouldn’t I!) not that matters really but if Artist’s can influence writers
and vice versa , what about musicians?
Mind you this was the Tate Gallery! I wondered though if there were
any musical compositions created that were inspired by say Fuseli’s
Nightmare within (or without!) that period.
So on the whole Gothic Nightmares is a very inspiring and thought
provoking event, a must for those into Gothic and Sublime culture
and history.

Photo taking in the exhibition is not allowed so be warned! We took
our camera and got some nice ‘Neo-Gothic’ shots of the MI5 building

Finally after being 'thrown out' (at closing time of course!) we made our
way along Millbank towards Pimlico and the thronging rush hour hourdes!

Pics by Werewolf, Ella Jo
The Gothic Nightmares home page
More from the UK Decay Gothic Forum

This was Ella Jo's treat by the way! Thanks a million!
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Punk Aid !! [Feb. 21st, 2006|01:58 am]

Punk Aid !!
Further Info

"We are a charity for kids with cerebral palsy and are in need ofadvertising that doesn?t cost.  Any help would be very much appreciated."

If you would like a full rundown of who is playing when, visit www.myspace.com/punkaid

or drop me a line and I can supply full info.

c/o Phill  Punk Aid

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Another Uk Decay live tape has surfaced [Jan. 31st, 2006|02:30 am]
Another Uk Decay live tape has surfaced: Preston warehouse early 1981

Paul B. (from Manchestre, UK)  recently kindly sent in a CD of a Preston
 Wharehouse UK Decay gig dated early 1981 (Nice one palu B!) a rare
 live concert  featuring Lol turvey on Bass guitar.
At the current time Frank has the CD repotoire and is reviewing its content
but off the top of my head & a hunch this is another version of the same
tape that 'circulated' earlier and we have got another version of .
This CD rendition although plays a little fast and clips has got a nice 'feel'
about it and presents a rare version of the 'Decay', 'Interim period'
See here for further details

'Lol' Turvey..UK Decay line-up early 1981

Featuring 'Lol Turvey' on Bass this performance is reasonably tight and
crisp...one of the better live performances of the period, taken I think from
 the mixing desk.

Paul B. has re-titled 'Portrait' - 'Black out' (an easy mistake if you
remember we named it 'Black art' at one time!)
But for a period this track was 'medleyed' with 'The Black Cat' from the
'Black 45' EP. So this shows that at least this tune transended the demise
of Martin Segovia Smith, although it is doubtfull that it went much further
than that.

Another point to remember is that following 'Lol's' departure, UK DK
left for the US tour and were faced with a gruelling 3 week, 18 date tour
of the west coast with a brand new bassist. Within ten days of
returning to the UK, with Creeton- the US bassist the band embarked on
their first major UK tour. (with Play Dead and The Dark supporting)
This was the tour that included such memorable events as the Bedford
and Middlesboro riot's These events are remembered because thats how
memories work! but this tour actually layed down the foundations for
what was to become.
Eventually Creeton returned to the US (& Social Unrest) and Dk were
again without a bassist for a period before finally, Ed 'Twiggy' Branch
joined the line-up. By then the band were admidst great pressure to
finish the recording of the FMMO album. For some reason I guess at that
time in the pressure's of recording commitments and gigs that these
tunes simply got 'overlooked' (& maybe forgotton!) in the rush to get the
album out.

'The Man with the Glass Hand', is a point in question here, a very rare
track that completely fell by the wayside on the departure of Segovia.

My theory is that these were new songs that were being worked on at
the time leading up to the end of the early 'Classic UK Decay line up'.
Because the pressure's of live gigs & recording the album the band simply
had to prioritise their workload. Spon admitted that he had totally
forgotton about these songs untill he heard them recently!

Death So Fatal
is a project concieved to collect up the best possible
recordings of some of these lost and forgotton 'UK/DK' tracks.
This is work in progress and will hopefully see the 'light of day'
later in the year.
More news to follow

note: There are now aproximately 20 of UK Decay's live shows from
around 25 years ago that are now digitized.
Appeal..to our US friends..
None of the above mentioned UK Decay live shows are from the USA!
the band toured the west coast playing with amongst others, the Dead
 Kennedy's, Social Unrest
and other 'Surf-Punk' and 'Hardcore' bands
such as maybe The Circle Jerks?? etc etc ..
 DOES ANYONE HAVE any Live RECORDINGS of UK DECAY in the USA?? or photo's??
If you can help please email....

Thank you!
 W. W.

 For further information please visit the UK Decay Communities website
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(no subject) [Nov. 8th, 2005|07:06 pm]
UK Decay November 2005 T-Shirt - Ladies Shirt Offer
Click Here for further Details

UK Decay Communities are proud to announce
the 2nd print run of the 'Classic-UK Decay T-Shirt-
Ladies Shirt' series. From now until November 21st 2005,
you have a unique opportunity to acquire your very own 'Classic'
UK Decay T-Shirt.

These shirts will make an excellent gift idea and will certainly turn a few heads!


"NEWSLETTER 3" Delayed,
date soon to be announced!

Thanking you all  & Regards!

UK Decay Communities

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(no subject) [Sep. 20th, 2005|04:14 am]
Vandalism begins @ home
More Details

 The Spirit of DIY continues today in Luton!
]Vandalism Begins @ Home presents a selection of some
of Luton's finest Alternative Music from 2005.

 There are samples of the music available at the
VBH Website

Presented by UK Decay Communities
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UK Decay::CLASSIC T-SHIRT'S! [Jun. 28th, 2005|03:52 am]
Now Available!...
For Madmen Only T-Shirt
The Classic 'For Madmen Only' T-Shirt

Unexpected Guest T - Shirt as worn by Rodney from 'Only Fools & Horses'

The Classic 'Unexpected Guest' T-Shirt, as worn by 'Rodney' from 'Only Fools and Horses'.

There are 2 T-Shirts Now Available!...
until July 4th 2005
This is the official UK Decay Communities website
& the thoughts of chairman Werewolf.
If you want to replace that ancient moth eaten relic from a
bygone age with a slick modern shirt that identifies with the Tribal
spirit of the embryonic era of the emerging 'Goth' music scene, look
no further!
UK Decay were a "cult band" and were exlemplified by the BBC in the costume
The Classic 'Unexpected Guest' T-Shirt, was used by 'Rodney' from 'Only Fools and Horses'.
& worn by actors in 'Eastenders' & the well known UK TV series 'Porridge'
For further details on this
www.UK Decay.co.uk
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UK DK TODAY TWO :::: NEWSLETTER 2 NOW AVAILABLE! [Jun. 3rd, 2005|04:23 pm]

 UK DK TODAY TWO :::: NEWSLETTER 2 NOW AVAILABLE! click here for more info

Ram-packed full of images and unique content, this ‘Newsletter’ is really a collector’s magazine!
Presented in a slick ‘PDF’ format so it’s convenient to print, this 54 page edition explores the life and times of the Luton and Home Counties area of the UK and it’s ‘Punk’ and ‘Alternative’ music scene’s of the 1970’s and 80’s.

There is an interview with Steve Spon by Paul Rab John. In it, the early years of the Luton and area Punk scene are explored. A unique look at ‘Sno-White’, ‘Pneumania’ and the ‘Rezistors’ and Spon’s exploits preceding the ‘UKDK’ days. Some quite ‘eye-opening’ events to be found here!
Ian Lee delves into his meticulous memories and photo archives to bring us tales of chance meetings with the famous. Ian also re tells the legends of the Forgotten Bands from Leighton Buzzard.
This Issue hosts a 25-page Fanzine special. Featuring a review of Punk/DIY culture from the late 70’s and early 80’s containing interviews with UK Decay and information on the UK Punk scene. Included are sample pages from many of the featured Zine’s. Some have only been discovered recently making this news letter a unique archive of the early 80s Luton and UK punk scene. To round this of, Steve Spon has donned his ‘Fanzine head’ again to mock-up a front cover and a comment for a 2005 issue of ‘The Suss’!

There is a round up of the latest UK Decay Community News, and more links and reviews of some of our member’s projects. There is even a Crossword Puzzle that will test your knowledge of those days!

Finally, at last you can own an Official UK Decay Communities T Shirt. This exclusive opportunity is now available for a limited period only. News of it can be found in the newsletter.

For further information click here

Presented by UK Decay Communities
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